# Molecule

In the folder molecule, Ansible-nwd will parse each subfolders (we consider one driver per folder ) and will gather information about available test plaforms written in the file molecule.yml .

For now only 3 drivers are gathered by Ansible-nwd :

  • docker
  • vagrant : https://pypi.org/project/molecule-vagrant/
  • ec2 : https://pypi.org/project/molecule-ec2/

For example :

  name: docker

  - name: debian10
    image: geerlingguy/docker-debian10-ansible
    pre_build_image: true
  - name: debian9
    image: geerlingguy/docker-debian9-ansible
    pre_build_image: true

Will create the following entry in the documentation :

Scenario Platform name Image
docker debian10 geerlingguy/docker-debian10-ansible
docker debian9 geerlingguy/docker-debian9-ansible