# Meta

# In the file main.yml

In the file meta/main.yml, Ansible-nwd will gather these following information:

  • Author
  • Description
  • Minimum Ansible Version
  • Platforms

# In the file requirements.yml

In the file meta/requirements.yml, we can describe dependencies (Ansible-galaxy syntax) roles to install before applying the role.

Ansible-nwd will read these information and write them in the documentation file.

If the file doesn't exist or if it is empty, Ansible-nwd will write that this role has no dependencies.

For example:

- src : git@gitlab.example.test:user/role1.git
  name: role1
  scm: git
  version: v1.0

- src : git@gitlab.example.test:user/role2.git
  name: role2
  scm: git
  version: v1.2

Will create the following entry in the documentation :

Name Source Version
role1 git@gitlab.example.test:user/role1.git v1.0
role2 git@gitlab.example.test:user/role2.git v1.2