# Example

You can find below an documentation generated by Ansible-nwd:

# Python3

# Description

This role installs Python3 and set it by default

# Dependencies

Name Source Version
role1 git@gitlab.example.test:user/role1.git v1.0
role2 git@gitlab.example.test:user/role2.git v1.2

# Requirements

# Ansible version

Minimum Ansible version : 2.9

# Platforms

This role will work on the following platforms :

Distribution Version
Debian buster
Debian stretch

# Tasks tags

These tasks tags are available :

  • python3

  • python3_boto

  • python3_packages

# Role Variables

Variable Type Mandatory Example Description
variable type false example variable description
variable2 type2 true example2 description2

# Default Variables

Variable Value Description Type
default_variable1 1.8 default variable1 version number
default_variable2 2.7 default variable2 version number
other_variable 3.4 other variable version number
test 4.5 n/a n/a

# Molecule scenario

# Ec2

Scenario Platform name Image name Instance type
default debian10 debian-10-amd64-* t3.medium

# Docker

Scenario Platform name Image
docker debian10 geerlingguy/docker-debian10-ansible
docker debian9 geerlingguy/docker-debian9-ansible

# Vagrant

Scenario Platform name Box
vagrant debian10 debian/buster64

# Author